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              • 《Life on Mars》ReadingPPT

                《Life on Mars》ReadingPPT

                栏目:牛津译林版英语九年级下册 日期:2018-08-25

                《Life on Mars》ReadingPPT 第一部分内容:Objectives 1. To learn something about life on Mars 2. To learn the words and phrases in this passage Words and Expressions Mars n. 火星 helmet n. 头盔 air tank n. 氧气..

              • 《Life on Mars》PPT课件

                《Life on Mars》PPT课件

                栏目:牛津译林版英语九年级下册 日期:2018-08-25

                《Life on Mars》PPT课件 第一部分内容:Words and Expressions Mars n. 火星 helmet n. 头盔 air tank n. 氧气罐 dried food n. 干粮 power pack n. 电源包 sleeping bag n. 睡袋 gravity n. 重力 ... ... ... 《Life on Mars..

              • 《Life on Mars》PPT

                《Life on Mars》PPT

                栏目:牛津译林版英语九年级下册 日期:2018-08-25

                《Life on Mars》PPT 第一部分内容:Objectives 1. To know some basic information about Mars 2. To imagine what life would be like on Mars 3. To learn the new words and useful expressions Key words 1.satisfy-- ___..

              • 《Robots》Study skillsPPT

                《Robots》Study skillsPPT

                栏目:牛津译林版英语九年级下册 日期:2018-08-25

                《Robots》Study skillsPPT 第一部分内容:Dear Hobo and Eddie: We sincerely invite you to our robot show. By then, there will be many robots from different countries. Some are specially designed to make delicious..

              • 《Robots》ReadingPPT课件


                栏目:牛津译林版英语九年级下册 日期:2018-08-25

                《Robots》ReadingPPT课件 第一部分内容:Group work Language points smoothly look as good as new satisfy catch a virus work properly in a complete mess be stored be spread what to do with 1.When he got up in the ..

              • 《Robots》ReadingPPT


                栏目:牛津译林版英语九年级下册 日期:2018-08-25

                《Robots》ReadingPPT 第一部分内容:Lets predict What is the type of this passage? A. Narration 记叙文 B. Science fiction 科幻故事 C. Expository writing 说明文 What can the robot do for Mr Jiang? iron his busine..

              • 《Robots》Integrated skillsPPT

                《Robots》Integrated skillsPPT

                栏目:牛津译林版英语九年级下册 日期:2018-08-25

                《Robots》Integrated skillsPPT 第一部分内容:What is special about Baymax? A poster International Robot Show Place: the town hall Dates: 1422 March Time: 9 a.m.4:30 p.m. Ticket: ¥20 (free for children under 12..

              • 《Robots》GrammarPPT


                栏目:牛津译林版英语九年级下册 日期:2018-08-25

                《Robots》GrammarPPT 第一部分内容:Whats the news about? Scientists consider that the robot astronaut is a good help in space. Scientists consider the robot astronaut a good help in space. The robot astronaut k..

              • 《Robots》Comic strip and Welcome to the unitPPT

                《Robots》Comic strip and Welcome to the unitPPT

                栏目:牛津译林版英语九年级下册 日期:2018-08-25

                《Robots》Comic strip and Welcome to the unitPPT 第一部分内容:Watch and answer What is Eddie doing now? Why? He is writing a letter to the robot shop. He wants to complain about Hobo because he thinks Hobo is ..

              • 《Great people》ReadingPPT

                《Great people》ReadingPPT

                栏目:牛津译林版英语九年级下册 日期:2018-08-25

                《Great people》ReadingPPT 第一部分内容:New words pilot 飞行员 licence 执照 navy 海军 serve 服役 test 测试 aircraft 飞机 航空器 astronaut 宇航员 spacecraft 宇宙飞船 spin 快速旋转 control 控制 order 命令 cut sh..

              • 《Great people》Study skills&TaskPPT

                《Great people》Study skills&TaskPPT

                栏目:牛津译林版英语九年级下册 日期:2018-08-25

                《Great people》Study skillsTaskPPT 第一部分内容:Formal and informal language Greetings Endings Idioms(习语) Abbreviations(省略) Contractions(缩写) Finish the exercise on Page 31 Who is he? Neil Armstron..

              • 《Great people》PPT

                《Great people》PPT

                栏目:牛津译林版英语九年级下册 日期:2018-08-25

                《Great people》PPT 第一部分内容:New words inventor n. 发明者 invent v. 发明 invention n. 发明物;创意 explorer n. 探?#29031;擼?#32771;察者 Italian n. 意大利人 European n. ?#20998;?#20154; ... ... ... 《Great people》PPT,第二部..

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