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              • 《What Can You Do?》PPT

                《What Can You Do?》PPT

                栏目:陕旅版四年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-24

                《What Can You Do?》PPT 第一部分内容:课文导入 What can you do? I can swim. Look! I can swim very well. What can the monkeys do? They can climb the tree. What can the dog do? It can help the man. We are going t..

              • 《Be Careful!》PPT

                《Be Careful!》PPT

                栏目:陕旅版四年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-24

                《Be Careful!》PPT 第一部分内容:课文导入 Let s go to the shop. I m going to buy a gift for your grandpa. OK. All right. Be careful! Look at the traffic lights. It s yellow. Don t cross the street. Stop and wai..

              • 《Today Is Her Birthday》MP3音频课件

                《Today Is Her Birthday》MP3音频课件

                栏目:陕旅版四年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-24

                《Today Is Her Birthday》MP3音频课件 文件内包含本课教学使用的MP3音频文件,非常适用于本课教学。 关键词:陕旅版四年级下册英语MP3音频课件免费下载,《Today Is Her Birthday》音频下载,.mp3格式;..

              • 《Today Is Her Birthday》Flash动画下载

                《Today Is Her Birthday》Flash动画下载

                栏目:陕旅版四年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-24

                《Today Is Her Birthday》Flash动画下载 本课件为《Today Is Her Birthday》的歌曲Flash动画课件,适合小学英语学习。 关键词:陕旅版四年级册下册英语Flash动画课件免费下载,《Today Is Her Birthday》动画下载,.swf格式;..

              • 《Today Is Her Birthday》Flash动画课件

                《Today Is Her Birthday》Flash动画课件

                栏目:陕旅版四年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-24

                《Today Is Her Birthday》Flash动画课件 本课件为《Today Is Her Birthday》的歌曲Flash动画课件,适合小学英语学习。 关键词:陕旅版四年级册下册英语Flash动画课件免费下载,《Today Is Her Birthday》动画下载,.swf格式;..

              • 《Today Is Her Birthday》PPT课件下载

                《Today Is Her Birthday》PPT课件下载

                栏目:陕旅版四年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-24

                《Today Is Her Birthday》PPT课件下载 第一部分内容:Warm-up Lets chant Its your party. You can make a wish. Wish for a card. Wish for a bike. Wish for a ball. Wish for a kite. Wish for more friends. Wish for goo..

              • 《Today Is Her Birthday》PPT下载

                《Today Is Her Birthday》PPT下载

                栏目:陕旅版四年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-24

                《Today Is Her Birthday》PPT下载 第一部分内容:Lead-in Say the numbers Free talk How old are you? Presentation Lets learn more How old is Mr. Brown? He is thirty-two. ... ... ... 《Today Is Her Birthday》PPT,..

              • 《Today Is Her Birthday》PPT课件

                《Today Is Her Birthday》PPT课件

                栏目:陕旅版四年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-24

                《Today Is Her Birthday》PPT课件 第一部分内容:Lead-in Think and tick What are you going to do for your mother on her birthday? Presentation Listen, then ask and answer Q1: What is Wu Chen going to do? Shes goi..

              • 《Today Is Her Birthday》PPT

                《Today Is Her Birthday》PPT

                栏目:陕旅版四年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-24

                《Today Is Her Birthday》PPT 第一部分内容:Lead-in Free talk When is your birthday? What about your birthday? Lets learn Jack is going to have a birthday party. birthday party -What are these? -They are gifts. ..

              • 《Where Are You Going》MP3音频课件

                《Where Are You Going》MP3音频课件

                栏目:陕旅版四年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-24

                《Where Are You Going》MP3音频课件 文件内包含本课教学使用的MP3音频文件,非常适用于本课教学。 关键词:陕旅版四年级下册英语MP3音频课件免费下载,《Where Are You Going》音频下载,.mp3格式;..

              • 《Where Are You Going》Flash动画课件

                《Where Are You Going》Flash动画课件

                栏目:陕旅版四年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-24

                《Where Are You Going》Flash动画课件 本课件为《Where Are You Going》的歌曲Flash动画课件,适合小学英语学习。 关键词:陕旅版四年级册下册英语Flash动画课件免费下载,《Where Are You Going》动画下载,.swf格式;..

              • 《Where Are You Going》PPT课件下载

                《Where Are You Going》PPT课件下载

                栏目:陕旅版四年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-24

                《Where Are You Going》PPT课件下载 第一部分内容:Presentation Lets sing Little mouse, little mouse, Run so fast, run so fast. Where are you going? Where are you going? Little mouse, little mouse, Run so fast, r..

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