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              • 《That is his car》PPT课件

                《That is his car》PPT课件

                栏目:外研版一年级英语上册 日期:2017-01-03

                《That is his car》PPT课件 I can read grandpa grandma father mother brother sister Find the owner! 找主人! Its Amys monkey. Its her monkey. Its Sams monkey. Its his monkey. ... ... ... Lets go and see Sams fam..

              • 《That is my father》PPT课件3

                《That is my father》PPT课件3

                栏目:外研版一年级英语上册 日期:2017-01-03

                《That is my father》PPT课件3 Lookdo you know who are they ?看,你们知道他们怎么称呼吗? who is he/ she ?他(她)是谁? grandpa = grandfather 爷爷 grandma= grandmother 奶奶 father 爸爸 ... ... ... 当我们问到 那..

              • 《That is my father》PPT课件2

                《That is my father》PPT课件2

                栏目:外研版一年级英语上册 日期:2017-01-03

                《That is my father》PPT课件2 Try again! 爷爷grandpa grandpa grandpa 奶奶grandma grandma grandma 爸爸daddy daddy dad 父亲father father father 妈妈mum mum mum 母亲mother mother mother 哥哥弟弟brotherbrotherbroth..

              • 《That is my father》PPT课件

                《That is my father》PPT课件

                栏目:外研版一年级英语上册 日期:2017-01-03

                《That is my father》PPT课件 [i:] 发这个音的字母和字母组合e ea ee e: me be she he we evening ee: sweet bee sweep sheep see sleep three green feel breeze deep free ea: meat leaf sea teach eat clean seat beat lea..

              • 《Happy birthday!》PPT课件

                《Happy birthday!》PPT课件

                栏目:外研版一年级英语上册 日期:2017-01-03

                《Happy birthday!》PPT课件 Whats this? pen pencil pencil-box crayon kite ball eraser doll 1.A pen for you . 2.Thank you . name. 3.Youre welcome! 关键词:《Happy birthday!》教学课件,外研版一起点一年级上册英语课..

              • 《How many pink balls?》PPT课件3

                《How many pink balls?》PPT课件3

                栏目:外研版一年级英语上册 日期:2017-01-03

                《How many pink balls?》PPT课件3 Free talk 1.What colour is it? Its 2. Whats this? Whats that? 3. Is it a? Yes it is./ No it isnt. Self-introduction Good morning! My names Im a Nice to meet you. How are you? Lo..

              • 《How many pink balls?》PPT课件2

                《How many pink balls?》PPT课件2

                栏目:外研版一年级英语上册 日期:2017-01-03

                《How many pink balls?》PPT课件2 你能读出下面的数字吗? five two seven nine ten eight three one six four Its an red apple. How many green apples? Its a blue pencil. How many blue pencils? Seven. ... ... ... Hom..

              • 《How many pink balls?》PPT课件

                《How many pink balls?》PPT课件

                栏目:外研版一年级英语上册 日期:2017-01-03

                《How many pink balls?》PPT课件 How many yellow dogs? Three yellow dogs. How many blue dogs? Five blue dogs. How many green birds? Five green birds. How many red birds? Six red birds. ... ... ... Lets chant How..

              • 《How many?》PPT课件3

                《How many?》PPT课件3

                栏目:外研版一年级英语上册 日期:2017-01-03

                《How many?》PPT课件3 How many ? One.Two.Three.Four. Five.Six.Seven.Eight. Please out of your fingers do with me! 请伸出你的手?#29238;?#25105;一起做! Magic eyes 如果你认识这些数字请大胆并快速、大声地说出它们! ... ... ....

              • 《How many?》PPT课件2

                《How many?》PPT课件2

                栏目:外研版一年级英语上册 日期:2017-01-03

                《How many?》PPT课件2 Chant How many? How many? One. One. One. How many? How many? Two. Two. Two. How many? How many? Three. Three. Three. How many? How many? Four. Four. Four. How many? How many? Five. Five. F..

              • 《How many?》PPT课件

                《How many?》PPT课件

                栏目:外研版一年级英语上册 日期:2017-01-03

                《How many?》PPT课件 Guessing game 快速说出黑色格子后面的数字并且猜一猜红色格子后的数字。 How many? one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten. ... ... ... Play a game : Find and colour。Lets go..

              • 《This is a yellow cat》PPT课件3

                《This is a yellow cat》PPT课件3

                栏目:外研版一年级英语上册 日期:2017-01-03

                《This is a yellow cat》PPT课件3 This is 这是 (向别人介绍离你近的人或物) That is 那是 (向别人介绍离你远的人或物) a white cat 一只 白色的 猫 a yellow cat 一只 黄色的 猫 a black dog 一只 黑色的 狗 a blue dg ..